Co-live, Co-work, Co-create!

“Komli” is a space for co-creation for local community members, researchers, artists and organizations, as well as Georgian and  international volunteers willing to learn about local communities in the region.

The idea of a Co-creation space is based on empathy and the co-living Concept, where you can think, observe, research and co-create.

In today’s society, which, over the last 50 years has become increasingly individualistic and focused on the individual as opposed to the collective, this co-creation space offers an opportunity for reshaping and shifting our gaze from individual care to collective care, and from human centered-care to environment-centered care. 

Co-creation space is a live and dynamic entity, which aims to create, in partnership with locals and guests, a framework free learning practice while offering its services to the local community that might have less access to learning opportunities and wider community services. In this co-creation space, guests understand the principle of “togetherness within a community”, and share their knowledge and skills to other members of the community. 

To summarize our idea, the co-creation space is open for the members of the local community, young people, researchers, artists and organizations that want to utilize it for meetings, consultations and putting their ideas into practice.

Main functions of the space

  • Co-working space:  we offer to local community, organizations, researchers  and artists space for meetings, as well as for working on project/research/books and artworks, alone or with the team.

  • Co-Creation Space:

  • Hostel: Visitors of the Co-creation space can stay in the hostel for the affordable price. It will be open for everyone, though special priority will be given to the community projects. 


  • Community and educational hub: The space will be devoted to community initiatives, informal gatherings and meetings. The space will also offer various training, mentorship, acceleration programs etc. 

  • Secure Recreational space: Co-creation space is safe for anyone interested in the topics of integration, being it local or international communities in conflict.  Collective care and other psycho-social services, like mentorship, mindfulness, meditation, yoga will be one of the important commercial and non-commercial directions for different segments. 


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